Alga-Labs activities started in 2006 under the AirScience Biofuels banner. Very rapidly the company realized through its laboratory as well as its pilot plant operation that the use of micro-algae for the production of energy was not economically viable by several order of magnitude at present energy market prices. This work, however was very valuable as it demonstrated in the field, the advantage of heterotrophic over autotrophic micro-­algae cultivation.


Production Facility

Alga-Labs bio-chemicals production facility is located in the vicinity of Montreal. It will be capable of producing industrial quantities of each of the bio-chemicals listed in the company’s catalog, to satisfy customer’s demand.


Laboratory and Research Facilities

Alga-Labs research facility and laboratory is located in a large biological research complex in Montreal, Canada. The last generation algae production pilot plant is located on the Three-Rivers campus of the University of Quebec (UQTR).


In these two facilities, the company conducts on-going experiments for the production and purification of new high value bio-products and the selection of new propriotary algae strains.

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